Profil Itineo ITINEO mc700

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the motorhome MC700

  • Central bed (140 x 195 cm)
  • Bed footboard storage drawer
  • Separate shower and toilet
  • Large wardrobe with shelves
  • Rigid day/night partition

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Implantation Jour ITINEO mc700

6,96 m

Implantation Nuit ITINEO mc700

6,96 m

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motorhome traveller MC700

4(1) Number of seats

4 Number of dining seats

4 Number of possible sleeping spaces

20 L / 120 L

120 L

(1) Possible reduction in number of registered (driving) seats depending on engine/GVW/GCW (essential for attaching a towbar)/accessories (motorbike rack, etc).

ESC with Anti Slip Regulation (ASR), Roll Over Mitigation (ROM), Hill Holder, cross wind assist, towing stability control and automatic post-collision braking
Overall length   6,96
Overall width   2,34
Overall garage width with wing mirrors open   2,68
Overall height   2,94 (a)
Registered (driving) seats   4
Dining seats   4
Berths   4
Gross vehicle weight (GVW)   LIGHT : 3,5 T / 3,65 T
Permissible Gross Combined Weight (GCW)   LIGHT : 5,5 T (1)
Mass in Running Order (MIRO)   2990
Payload   510
Chassis   FIAT
Standard engine   2,2 L - 140 ch
Anti-pollution standard   EURO 6d-Final
Wheelbase (m)   3,8
Extra-wide rear track (m)   1,98
Width   107
Length   158/198
Height (varies by country)   25 to 85
Right-side access (H x W)   x 87 x 87
Left-side access (H x W)   -
Heated   Yes
Rear bed   1400 x 1950
King size bed extension   -
8 cm headboard bed extension   -
Occasional dinette bed   x 750 x 2000
Drop-down bed   -
Pull-down cab bed   1400 x 1900
AUTONOMY (litres)
Fresh water   20/120 (c)
Waste water   120
Type of refrigerator   Absorption
Refrigerator volume   145
Gas cylinder capacity   2 x 13 kg propane
ITINEO LIFE construction   x
Impact-resistant polyester panels   x
Impact-resistant polyester roof   x
Polyester underfloor external protection   x
Floor bodywork in polyurethane   x
Styrofoam insulation (roof, walls and floor)   x
Styrosint insulation (roof, walls and floor)   -
Living area door with two-point lock, fixed window and inbuilt bin   P LIFE
Living area door with two-point lock, fixed window   -
Living area door flyscreen   P LIFE
Electromagnetic remote control locking of the cab and living area   x
Insulated fixed single step   x
Electric entry step   P LIFE
Living area windows with polyurethane frames   x
Double glazed living area windows with blinds and flyscreen   x
Cab panoramic opening roof   -
Large lengthwise living room skylight   x
Transparent skylights with flyscreens and blackout blinds   x
Cab bed skylight   x
External lighting above the living area door   LED
Designer rear pillars with LED lights   x
Bodywork colour skirts   -
Bike rack set-up   -
Back panel set-up with inserts for bike rack   x
Truma Combi 4 hot water/heating   x
Truma Combi 6 hot water/heating   x
Truma Combi 4 Diesel heating with CP Plus control panel   -
Truma Combi 6 EH Diesel (diesel + electricity) heating with CP Plus control panel & iNet 1 -
Truma Combi 4 heating with CP Plus control panel   -
Truma Combi 6 heating with CP Plus control panel   -
Truma Combi 6 EH (gas + electricity) heating with CP Plus control panel & iNet 1 x
High altitude kit (requires Truma Combi D)   -
230V underfloor heating in living area 7 x
Heated waste water tank 15 x
External boiler inspection hatch (drain access & maintenance)   x
Interior underfloor storage boxes (volume in litres)   -
Sliding exterior storage drawer (volume = 45 litres; max. load = 25 kg) 18 x
Height-adjustable storage hold/garage   -
LUGANO furniture with metallic glossy white overhead cupboard doors   x
URBAN furniture with wood finish on overhead cupboard doors   -
Living room furniture with backlit LED racks (storage compartments)   x
Fabric/TEP* style: PEPPER   x
Fabric/TEP* style: NATURAL   x
TEP* style: MAGNETIC   -
TEP* style: MACADAMIA   -
TEP* style: CAPPUCCINO   x
Bay window net curtain   x
Living area interior lighting   LED
Ambient lighting in the living room/kitchen/bedroom   LED
Telescopic leg / Extra occasional berth   x
5th registered (driving) seat   -
5th registered (driving) seat + telescopic table leg + extra occasional bed   -
5th berth and registered (driving) seat   -
Folding table 1 x
TV space with wiring and TV mount   x
TV space with 12V coaxial wiring   -
Day/night partition   x
Face-to-face bench seat armrests   x
Right-side bench armrest   -
Electrically adjustable, switchable drop-down bed with slat base 45 -
Worktop extension   x
Lighting under the worktop   LED
Backlit kitchen window finish   -
Blue backlit LED acrylic strip on kitchen side   x
Spice rack   x
Engraved magnetic wall mount with velcro attachment strips and spice rack   -
Storage under the kitchen unit with pot drawer   x
Stainless steel sink with glossy black glass cover   x
Stainless steel sink   -
Brass kitchen tap with ceramic cartridge   x
Stainless steel stove top with 2 hobs, independent black covers and piezo ignition   x
Stainless steel stove top with 3 hobs, independent black covers and piezo ignition   x
Stainless steel 2-hob stove with glass cover   -
Refrigerator grill covers (for winter use)   x
18-litre oven (no grill) 13 x
20-litre oven (with grill) 15 -
23-litre oven (with grill) 22 -
28-litre oven (with grill) 15 -
High storage unit with mirror   x
Backlit storage alcove under basin   x
Storage alcoves   -
Central XXL bathroom with double partition   -
Separate shower   x
Privacy curtain for larger bathroom space   -
Shower column with black laminate finish and storage   x
Shower column with Plexiglas finish and shower head   -
Shower column with blue ambient LED lighting   x
DUO'SPACE for optimised space   -
Clothes drying rack   x
Cassette toilet with removable tank, telescopic handle and castors   -
Ceramic cistern camping toilet with removable tank (19 litres), telescopic handle and castors   x
Permanent bed with aluminium base frame and active multilayer slats, with highly durable Bultex foam mattress   x
Permanent bed with active multilayer slats and highly durable Bultex foam mattress   -
Permanent electrically assisted height-adjustable bed (≈ 30 cm) 15 -
Permanent, electrically assisted height-adjustable bed (≈ 20 cm) 15 -
Wall-mounted wardrobes   -
Bed footboard storage drawer   x
Storage alcoves at the foot of central bed   -
Bed footboard storage   -
Backlit headboard with TEP* finish   x
Adjustable reclining headboard on permanent bed   -
Retractable central bed base   -
Adjustable footboard for easier storage access   -
TV space with wiring   -
TV space with HDMI wiring   -
TV space with HDMI wiring and TV mount   -
Storage hold hatch insulating curtain in rear bedroom 1 -
Outside shower piping   x
Outside shower with cold water 1 x
Liquid electrolyte living area battery with coupler and separator (100Ah)   x
2nd liquid electrolyte living area battery (requires a primary liquid electrolyte living area battery) 24 x
92Ah AGM living area battery 3 x
2nd 92Ah AGM living area battery (requires a primary AGM living area battery) 27 x
'Coming home' mode with automatic awning light and interior ambient lighting   x
Control panel   x
Centralised fuse box with protected 'accessories' outlets   x
External 230V plug   x
Internal 230V plug   5
Internal 12V plug   3
Internal 5V USB port   6
Living area and cab carpet 11 x
Lino protector kit 2 x
Gas regulator valve for using gas while driving (anti-crash system)   x
Control gauge for fresh and waste water tanks   x
Solar panel wiring   x
2.2-litre 140 hp Citron BlueHDi engine   -
2.2-litre 165 hp Citron BlueHDi engine 20 -
2.2-litre 140 hp Fiat engine (only available with the LIGHT chassis) 20 x
2.2-litre 160 hp Fiat engine (weight of 160 hp/140 hp) 20 x
2.2-litre 180 hp Fiat engine (weight of 180 hp/160 hp)   x
2.2-litre 140 hp Peugeot BlueHDi engine   -
2.2-litre 165 hp Peugeot BlueHDi engine 20 -
ECO PACK: Stop & Start and electronically controlled fuel pump   x
Base vehicle battery isolator switch   x
Stop & Start   -
AdBlue tank (litres)   19
75-litre diesel tank   x
Fiat automatic 9-speed transmission (requires 16" rims) 15/58(e) x
Electric parking brake(d)   x
LIGHT chassis: option available for GVW 3.65 T (Fiat)   x
HEAVY chassis: GVW 4.4 T for 160 hp and 180 hp (Fiat) 40 -
ABS braking   x
ESP with Traction+ and Hill Descent Control   -
Traction+ with Hill Descent Control 2 x
3PMSF all season tyres   x
Cruise control with speed limiter   x
Reversing sensor built into the bumper(d)   x
Front windscreen wipers with rain sensor   -
Driver and passenger air bags   x
TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system)   x
2nd remote keyless entry control (RKE)   P LIFE
LED day running lights   P LIFE
100% LED front lights   x
Front fog lights 1 x
Automatic headlights   -
Electric de-frosting wing mirrors   P LIFE
Coach-style wing mirrors   x
Reinforced front axle suspension   -
Stabilising jacks (at the back or in the wheelbase) 5 x
15" steel rims   x
15" light alloy Fiat rims -5 x
16" light alloy Fiat rims (+4.5 cm vehicle height) 12 x
16" light alloy Peugeot rims (+4.5 cm vehicle height) 12 -
16" steel rims   -
16" light alloy Citron rims 2 -
Tow bar (A): 2,000 kg max. subject to GCW (B) (option of 5 kg)   x 70
Puncture repair kit   x
Cab doors with electric windows   -
Driver's door with electric window   x
Height-adjustable swivel cab seats with 2 adjustable armrests   x
Cab seats with built-in seatbelts   x
Cab seats in fabric matching the living area   x
3-point retractable safety belts (cab and living area)   x
Embroidered cab headrest covers (embossed for leather upholstery)   x
Cup holders   x
100% digital dashboard   x / P MACADAM
Manual cab air conditioning   x
Automatic cab air conditioning 1 x / P CONNECT
Induction smartphone charger   x / P CONNECT
Jack-assisted foldaway cab bed with slat base   x
Thermoformed dashboard in black full grain leather   x
Left-side wine rack   x
Right-side storage chest   x
Leather steering wheel and gear knob   x / P CONNECT
Radio controls on steering wheel 1 x / P CONNECT
Chrome-ringed instruments   -
Electric power steering   x
Pioneer DAB multimedia system with 6.2" screen   P LIFE
Alpine DAB multimedia system with 6.95" screen and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto features   x
MACROM DAB multimedia system with 6.8" screen and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto features   -
Alpine DAB multimedia navigation system with large 9" touch screen, TomTom GPS and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto features 2 x / P MACADAM / P CONNECT
Reversing camera with control screen built into the dashboard   P LIFE
Wrap-around pleated fabric cab blackout blind   x
Cab interior isothermal suction pad blinds   -
Cab blackout blind   -
Dual-pleat thermal windscreen and cab window roller blinds 7 x
Extreme cold insulation 5 x
MACADAM PACK: Electric parking brake, Alpine DAB multimedia GPS system with 9" touchscreen, TomTom GPS, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto features and 100% digital dashboard   x
CONNECT PACK: MACADAM Pack + leather steering wheel and gear knob, radio controls on steering wheel, automatic cab air conditioning, and induction charger for smartphones   x

x : Standard fittings | x Optional fittings (additional cost) | - Not available | P : Pack

* Polyamide-coated fabric

** RHD** = RIGHT HAND DRIVE special Pack (UK, Ireland and New Zealand customers only)

*** Reduction in number of registered (driving) seats depending on engine/ GVW/GCW. Required for installing towbar/ accessories (such as motorbike rack).

**** GCW = 5,500 kg possible if 1 registered seat removed.

(1) GCW may be reduced depending on the option to add a 5th registered (driving) seat and/or the choice of engine.

[A] 2,000 kg maximum subject to compliance with GCW /option to reduce the number of registered seats.

[B] The technically permissible maximum towable mass of the motor vehicle is a piece of information associated with the approval of the completed vehicle. Depending on the hitch that will be mounted on the vehicle and the specific values given by the manufacturer of the hitch and tow ball, the maximum trailer mass that the vehicle can pull may be less. The characteristics of tow bar and tow ball resistance (in particular values D and S) are engraved on a plate affixed to the tow bar. Value D gives the maximum authorised mass for the tow bar (MAM) with the following calculation: MAM =(DxTx1000)/[(Tx9.81)-(1000xD)], where T = maximum vehicle mass (GVW) (in kg) and D = value (in kN) indicated on the tow bar. The maximum trailer mass (in kg) is thus less than or equal to the MAM for the vehicle's maximum towable mass, which may be up to 2,000 kg.

(a) Height + 4.5 cm with 16" rims

(b) Height + 4.5 cm with HEAVY chassis and/or 16" rims

(c) The tank can be filled to a capacity of 100, 110 or 120 litres. This increased capacity reduces the payload

(d) Ask your dealer for the release date

(e) 58 kg for 2.2-litre 140 hp and 15"kg for 2.2-litre 160 hp or 180 hp

ITINEO's Fiat chassis differ from the original manufacturer's trade definitions of the base vehicle. Any optional accessories installed are not included in the calculation of the vehicle's weight. Their weight must therefore be subtracted from the payload.

When you order an ITINEO, the unladen weight includes the weight of all standard fittings. The motorhomes' unladen weight is determined in compliance with current legislation and includes the weight of the vehicle in working order, the driver (75 kg), a gas cylinder, and fresh water and fuel tanks filled to 90% capacity with a tolerance of +/-5%. (All of our vehicles are certified in accordance with Regulation 1330/2012). Important: The user is responsible for adjusting the load and number of passengers according to the vehicle's payload and the weight of any additional fittings installed by the user or by a professional at the user's request.

The vehicle specifications and data given in this catalogue are provided for informational purposes only. As a result, the manufacturer and dealer are not liable for any modifications made for whatsoever reason during the season.