New 2021 models: Integral motorhomes under 7 metres long

The new 2021 ITINEO Collection has arrived and, of course, it has a ton of new features! Discover our two new under 7 metre A-class motorhomes: the MC700 and the SC700.

MC700: the integral motorhome under 7 metres with central bed

Like its older sister the MC740, the MC700 offers one of the most popular interior layouts featuring an open-plan living room with face-to-face bench seats and a 140 x 195 cm rear central bed. But what sets it apart from the MC740 is its length: 6.99 metres. This compact length retains its functional nature and enables the shower to be separated from the toilet and moved to the rear of the vehicle.

In terms of storage, this vehicle offers a large wardrobe with shelves and a storage drawer in the bed footboard. Its open-plan living room with folding table is ideal for ensuring ease of movement around the cab and living area. You can add the option of converting this living room into an occasional berth. Lastly, in the kitchen, you will find a large 150 L refrigerator

SC700: a family-friendly motorhome under 7 metres

If there could only be one family-friendly A-Class integral motorhome for five people (5th registered driving seat and bed available as an option), measuring a compact 6.99 metres, it would have to be the SC700. Which is lucky, because ITINEO is the only brand on the market offering this layout!

In the front, this model features a generous living room with face-to-face bench seats, an L-shaped kitchen and a large 150-litre refrigerator.

In the rear, a kids’ bedroom features two bunkbeds with electric height adjustment and two large wardrobes either side of the vehicle. The rear dinette features storage chests and can be converted to a large storage area in no time at all when needed. So the SC700 will be just as comfortable whether you're travelling as a couple or as a family! The rigid divider provides privacy for all by separating the day and night areas. The living room can be converted to a single occasional berth (100 x 200 cm - option), increasing the number of berths to five. 

ITINEO SC700 on video

New models in 7m format - but thats not all !

The layout of the RC740 launched in the 2020 Collection has been slightly updated. To ensure greater comfort and autonomy, the 2021 Collection RC740 now features a larger driver-side side bench seat and refrigerator. And the storage area has also had its capacity increased.

Removable shelves in the upper section of the storage bay have been introduced in the 2021 Collection. And for those who love generous bed sizes, you can choose the headboard extension to increase your bed’s length by 8 cm.

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