ITINEO - New features for low-profiles in 2021

As part of the new features in the 2021 Collection, ITINEO has unveiled two layouts in its low-profile motorhome range to bring the total number of models to three.

PF600 - The ultimate compact model

Only 5.99 m long, the PF600 now enters the very private club of low-profile motorhomes under 6 metres! Yet wonderfully spacious, separate living areas can be found inside. In the front is a forward-facing bench seat with height-adjustable headrests.

In the bedroom, this vehicle features a generous, comfortable corner double bed measuring 136 x 196 cm. Two optional berths can increase the sleeping capacity to four when you choose an inbuilt electric drop-down bed (78/96 x 196 cm) and/or a living room conversion to an occasional berth (76 x 200 cm).

At the foot of the bed, the PF600 features a wardrobe with open storage alcove while more storage spaces and the storage area can be accessed via the lift-up bed base and a hatch on the left side.

Lastly, in the kitchen this model offers a designer worktop with 2-hob stove, a worktop extension and a large 142-litre refrigerator with automatic power selection and bottle drawer.

The PJ700 - The new motorhome under 7 metres

Measuring only 6.99 metres, the PJ700 is nothing less than the little sister of the former PJ740 (which measured 7.43 metres). So naturally it features two single beds in the rear (80 x 195 cm and 67 x 190 cm) that convert to an XXL double bed, along with a footboard wardrobe. Additional storage options are cleverly hidden in the bed steps.

The front features a forward-facing bench seat with height-adjustable headrests and an inbuilt electric drop-down double bed (120/130 x 196 cm) as an option.

In the kitchen, the PJ700 has also been given a designer worktop with 2-hob stove, a worktop extension and a large 142-litre refrigerator with automatic power selection and bottle drawer.

In the bathroom, this model features a large private space with separate shower. A delight for families: 5th sleeping place and car registration are both available as an option, so you can set off with all the tribe (living area convertible into an extra 125/55 x 200 cm bed)!

Lastly, it is easy to store all of your family’s belongings in the large, 120 cm high storage area created for just that reason.

Enough to hit the road in style, in your ITINEO profile !

These models obviously include the new features intrinsic to the new 2021 Collection, like the new BY RAPIDO exterior marking, new ventilation in the shower and a new glossy black shower column with storage space.

And the ELITE PACK (option) enables you to expand the number of features in your ITINEO low-profile motorhome as it includes two-point locking, a fixed window and an inbuilt rubbish bin in the living area door, a reversing camera with 7” screen in the cab and designer rear pillars with LED lights.

So hit the road in style with your low-profile ITINEO !

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