ITINEO 2021: The Collection is bursting with new features !

As it does each year, the new ITINEO Collection offers tons of new features in its A-class motorhome range. Take a look today!

In this 2021 Collection, the range welcomes two new A-class motorhomes, two new low-profile motorhomes and a special SPIRIT EDITION (available in MC740 and SB740).

In addition to these new models, other new interior and exterior features join the wealth of fittings contained in your ITINEO.

One example is the vehicle front which gets a new style. New chrome strips sit on the front bumper grille and there is a new chrome trim around the LED day running lights. The front grille and bumper have been modernised with a new honeycomb design and white indicator rims. Together, these features create a redesigned front with a lighter, more car-like look.

Staying with the bodywork, new chrome rims highlight the rear bumper and a new insulated single step increases the living area step depth and provides easier vehicle access.  And for even more comfort, an electric step is included in the LIFE pack.

To help you make the most of your ITINEO, the storage area height in the MB740 and MC740 has been increased to 120 cm.

Front panel, new design

Front panel, new design

Blue LED ambient lighting

Blue LED ambient lighting

Inside, the style now also features blue LED mood lighting on the acrylic strip on the kitchen side and on the shower column. A new colour on the rack mouldings has been introduced, as well as a new ceiling colour. And above the refrigerator column, there is an open TV unit (except FC650 and SB700).

In the bathroom, a new shower tray gives you an extra 50 mm, taking the total usable height to 1.92 cm. For greater comfort and practicality, the shower has a new skylight and there is a new bathroom door handle. And for a more designer look, a waterfall tap is now included with the basin.

The LIFE pack now features a DAB KENWOOD® multimedia system with 6.8” screen in the dashboard, an inbuilt reversing camera with night vision and a second remote keyless entry control (RKE).

And to pack even more features into your ITINEO A-class motorhome, the living room now comes with a double USB port and new cab bed privacy curtain and flat elastic with clasp. Lastly, the kitchen boasts a 150-litre double door refrigerator.

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